Coke and Taxes

Lydia and I just completed our taxes. Or, more accurately, H & R Block just completed our taxes. That is always a fun time for all involved. Our tax return will be significantly higher this year than last year. So, as an act of charity I have decided to spread the wealth in the best way I can think of. I would like to buy the world a Coke.

However, I did the calculations.

According to the CIA July 2006 estimates, the world population is 6,525,170,264.

I don’t think I could buy the world a sip of coke.

Then I had a breakthrough…

If we channel all of the money we are currently spending in Iraq (about $400,000,000,000) into the Coke corporation, we could buy the world a couple cokes (about 25 cents) and still give them about $60 as well.

On second thought, I think the world might need water more than a Coke.

1 comment:

ethan said...

i can afford to buy the world a coke.
i just wouldn't know how to get it to the world so the world could enjoy it most. should I pour it in the ocean?: or maybe just into the ground? are volcanoes the world's mouths?