Creation vs. Evolution

I sometimes wonder why I get so wrapped up in questions of evolution and creationism. I don't really like the debate all that much, yet I get so involved in it. I realized today that it is largely because it is something I will have to - and already have had to - deal with often if I am ever a pastor of a church. According to George Barna, 86% of evangelicals believe in creationism and think that it should be taught alongside evolution in public schools (as do 59% of Americans).

None of this is to argue against creationism. There are plenty of good arguments against it elsewhere. All I want to do is to show some satires of creationism that I have found funny.

Family Guy: The Church's Alternative to the Theory of Evolution

The Simpsons: An Unbiased Comparison

The Simpsons: The Myth of Creation

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