Focus on Your Own Family!

About a month ago I went to my sister’s to visit my new niece (and the rest of my family). Whenever I visit any of my family or in-laws, I am guaranteed an interesting conversation… or at least some strange comments. My favorite quote from this trip came from my sister. I believe her exact words were, “I had to stop watching Will & Grace because I was becoming too tolerant of gays.”

Don’t get me wrong here, I was glad to hear that she had stopped watching Will & Grace for several reasons (not least of which is the fact that the show sucks). But I just couldn’t get with her reasoning at all. Of course, it is understandable insofar as the pastor of her church authored the “one man, one women” amendment for the state of Minnesota and pushes his agenda constantly under the guise of Christian teaching.

Earlier, at my church, someone had compared the ordination of homosexuals to the ordination of mass murderers, all the while chanting the chorus, “it’s just logical.” We of course questioned how that was logical, and he resorted back to, “I have personal reasons.” He may have had good personal reasons, but I am guessing this was more of an escape plan.

I hate it when groups like Focus on the Family and James Dobson talk about Reforming homosexuals and turning them “normal”. I recently heard that they discovered the gay gene in lab mice, and with therapy, they can turn mice either gay or straight (though this story could be false). This also scares me.

I don’t know where I’m going in this blog… I don’t have anything profound to share. But I have to wonder where this apparent hatred of homosexuals comes from? I mean, I can see believing that homosexual behavior is sinful, but where does this cross the line into hating the person? And for that matter, is it really even possible to hate the sin and not the sinner? Or should we let God worry about hating the sin? I don’t know.

I struggle a lot with how to understand and view homosexuality I guess. On a gut level, I have no problem with it whatsoever. And I have absolutely no problem with homosexual marriage (because I don't believe a theocracy is good or desirable). But I also do believe that the Bible does call it sin. But, could this be cultural? Does this have to do with the despicable practices of the Greek and Romans of men loving boys? Certainly, Paul (the one who speaks most against homosexuality) did write from his own cultural assumptions, in which homosexuality would not have even been considered.

There are so many other issues all tied up in this too. Like, do we believe in progressive revelation? My answer: yes. Are all sins equal? My answer: no. Can we respect homosexuals while calling homosexual behavior sinful? My answer: I don’t know. Should homosexuals be denied church membership? My answer: no. If homosexuals are denied church membership, should anyone (except Jesus… and me) receive it? My answer: no.

Any thoughts?


GRANNY said...

I enjoyed reading your blog.

Chewie said...

First of all, I just found your blog here, I hope you don't mind if I leave you a comment...but my english sucks...
Anyway, I agree with you, even though I watched "Will & Grace" for eight years...We don't know what's considered "normal" nowadays so we shouldn't judge people like we do...there's nothing wrong with gay people when they love each other...
Well! This was my first comment in english! Thank you a lot!

Laurel said...

I think the denial of church membership for a "practicing" homosexual is considered on par (ish) with denying church membership to someone who is admittedly in an adulterous relationship and refuses to end it in repentance. When it is thought of as a conscious choice to "live in sin," it would become an issue of church discipline, and, after due process, grounds for excommunication.

Andrew said...

I have this same struggle. I believe that homosexuality is a sin, but I would have a hard time actually telling a gay person that. Maybe that's just my own cultural assumptions coming through.

The problem for me is that I can understand the real damage that most sins do to our relationship with God and each other, and can say, "Okay, God, I understand that you've want us to follow your laws for very good reasons." With homosexuality, I have a tougher time seeing the damage done by two homosexuals in a loving relationship than I do seeing the damage done by the hateful people who judge them.

At the same time, I think it's a sin and I agree with Laurel. How confused am I?

Laurel said...

wow, i actually have more to say...

i don't think i was communicating/stating my personal opinion in my previous comment, and that was intentional. it was intended more as "well, here's what i think the 'logic' is behind the church's position, or lack thereof, on this" ...but i see that it could be read that way. i do echo andrew's thoughts, and i know what the bible has to say about it, and i know what i used to think. it becomes much more unclear, though, when you know people personally who are in loving and seemingly-positive homosexual relationships.