I'm all for tolerance, but...

Why do people always feel the need to tell me how tolerant they are before they make incredibly intolerant statements? E.g.:
"You know, I'm all for religious freedom, but I think Mosques should be outlawed in America, we're at war!
"You know, I'm all for tolerance, but gays shouldn't be allow to march down tax-payer funded streets in their parades, they need to build their own roads."
"You know, I'm all for feminism, but I don't think women should have the right to vote or make as much as men."
But then - upon making one such absurd self-refuting statement - I realized why people do this. It is simply a thrill to be a walking, talking contradiction. I mean it is an adrenaline rush akin to skinny dipping in a public pool (I may have said too much).

So now, when I go on facebook and find these statements in peoples' statuses (or worse, when I make the grave mistake of reading the comments), rather than getting upset, I join in the fun:
"You know, I'm all for political freedom, but I think conservatives should be shot out of a cannon into the Marianas Trench."
It is a blast. Go ahead, try it. Create your own below:
You know Dan, I'm all for tolerance, but... [insert your own incredible, incredibly intolerant statement here]


Joe Milette said...

I like this Dan. Simply because most people say things that are contradictory and don't even realize or care about it.


Reuben S said...

Dan, I'm all for tolerance and whatnot but this is MERICA and if you don't like it you should get out.

Owi said...

Hahahaha ... what a great post ...

You know I am all for small government and deregulation but the government should regulate those damn faggots :)

You know I am all for freedom of the press but the "liberal media" is ruining America.

God help you guys

Hey i want to ask your permission to post this article in a political forum on livejournal.com . I will put everything in quote and also include a link to your blog when i post it


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