Lost Time

The weirdest thing happened on my morning commute.

I was driving down chicago drive, listening to Erasure or Pet Shop Boys on the I-pod shuffle. Then I "woke up" a little more than 5 miles past my turn-off. I don't know how I got there. Those few minutes are actually a blank.

I got to work and typed "lost time" into the google machine and found this site about alien abduction.
"58 Possible Signs of Alien Abduction." Number one on the list, "lost time!" And it wasn't just number one on the list either. I also have a strong, and unexplained impulse to travel (#7). I am interested in ecology, the environment, and vegetarianism (#18). I am terrified of snakes, spiders, and heights (#26). I have seen both fog and haze (#36)! I occasionally get headaches in that special place (my head... #42). And this is only a small sampling!

All the signs fit. I can ignore it no longer. I am compelled to believe - beyond any reasonable doubt - that I have been abducted on multiple occasions.

Lydia says that she's seen how I get when I listen to Erasure and isn't surprised.

Classic Dan.

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Elizabeth Downie said...

If you were listening to "Chorus," then I totally understand.