The Offensive Question

This conversation happened in church this morning with a guy who was really a born youth leader (and for the sake of clarity, know that this is not the actual youth leader at my church).

Man: "Do you know any midgets who were born Jews but converted to Christianity later in life?"
Dan (startled and slightly offended by the content of the question): "... No... ?!"
Man: "Oh, well I'm writing this Christian rock Opera that I really want to do for church"
Dan: "And you need a Jewish convert who is a midget?"
Man: "Yeah. It's a play that walks through the life of Jesus, and the story is told mostly in song... The midget would play Zacchaeus. I already have his rap written."
Dan: "rap?"
Man: "Yeah. I always thought that it would be cool to see a midget rapping."
(Dan slowly edges away, pretending to have something important that requires immediate attention)

I really wish I was joking about this. But, that is exactly how it happened. And, worst of all, he was completely serious. He even sang me lyrics to some of the other songs he had written.

This is from the same guy who wanted to sing this song (an actual "song") on Super-bowl Sunday:

Drop kick me Jesus through the goal posts of life

End over end neither left nor to right

Straight through the heart of them righteous uprights

Drop kick me Jesus through the goal posts of life.

Make me, oh make me, Lord more than I am

Make me a piece in your master game plan

Free from the earthly tempestion below

I’ve got the will, Lord if you’ve got the toe.


Amy said...


I'm speechless.

Laurel said...

uuuuuuuuugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! and i need to send you the script of a certain rock musical performed at a certain college where i happened to work this year.

Reuben S said...

I just threw up all over my computer.

Elizabeth Downie said...

I've got the will, Lord, if you've got the toe!!! Oh man, that's some hilarious stuff.