"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

When I walked into work this morning, I walked into a world of middle aged panic. The secretary informed me that her computer "blew up." The other women of the office were all congregated closely around the computer pushing buttons hoping that they would accidentally stumble across the secret, magic "make-computer-work-again" code that the programmers have hidden deep within the computer.

I excused myself to my desk, but after a few minutes of over-hearing their homespun solutions, I decided that I would go see if I could help (before they tried pouring robitussin on it). I checked the cables on the back and noticed that the computer was unplugged. Being a computer genius, I plugged it in. Amazingly, my stroke of brilliance saved the computer that had "blown up." I am now considered (and this is not a joke) as the computer wiz of my office.

The funny thing is that even after I plugged it in, they were still convinced that something else must have been wrong with the computer. One person actually thought that the computer unplugged itself or something, and said: "I think computers need to be unplugged and plugged back in every 30 days or something."

Classic Peg.


RL LePage said...

haha...people can have the most bizarre thoughts about computers....like they're some sort of voodoo contraptions

Michael said...

That's just nutty.