"Put Your Sweatpants On, We're Going Clubbin'..."

Rarely do I find gun violence funny. Yet, I can't think of this whole Plaxico Burress business without laughing.*

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: "Don't walk into a trendy Manhattan nightclub wearing sweatpants" (I've yet to hear of the fashion trend of designer sweatpants for men). Not only this: Don't put your gun into your sweat-pants unless you have something stronger than an elastic band to hold up your 3 pound hand-gun. And, if you are going to put your gun in your sweatpants without any way to hold your pants up, don't keep the gun fully loaded with the safety off. And, if you do put your loaded gun with the safety off into your sweatpants, for God's sake, point it away from your man-business.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand time. Of course, I've never said any of this... I think some things should be left to common sense.

Okay, here is what I think is the funniest about this whole incident. Of all of the absurd details that I would have found unbelievable if they happened in any movie, the one thing I can't get past is that Burress wore sweatpants to a hip Manhattan night club. Sweatpants?!? Come on.

Now, I'm no advocate of gun-control, except for the fact that I am an advocate of gun-control. Anyway, you'd think that we could at least require some basic gun safety training for people. Things like, "holster your gun safely, if you are carrying it on your person" or "if you are going to keep your gun loaded and on your person in a night-club, keep the safety on."

Never let it be said that I don't give a counter-point though. Here is the other perspective on this debate.
Then, load your gun, take off the safety, put it in your sweatpants (your pant of choice), walk into a trendy night-club, etc.

Reality is stranger than fiction... unless you're reading Franz Kafka...

*Yes, I know that the Daily Show and NPR and a whole host of other places have already made fun of this... but, it is just too good to let go.

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