Cognitive Dissonance, Bumper Sticker Logic, Lung Butter, Joe the Plumber, and Harry Truman. What do these things have in common? This blog post.

I just drove by a car whose bumper stickers seemed odd to me. Let me tell you what they were and you see if you experience the same cognitive dissonance that I experienced.

Here they were:
"Jesus: the truth"
"One person can make a difference: Jesus"
"Jesus is the way to peace"
"If you love your enemies, pretty soon you won't have any"
And then this one:
"If you are going to burn our flag, wrap yourself in it first."
Maybe its just me, but that last one seems to break the theme of peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

In other news, I am having trouble concentrating as the man sitting across from me appears to be coughing up a fur ball, lung, tire, or a junk-load of mucus/phlegm... which-ever is funniest. It is so disgusting sounding that it actually made me dry heave and loose my appetite.

In other news, why is Joe the Plumber still in the news?! Say it ain't so, Joe! Please disappear into obscurity. (On a side note, I wonder if there are any other plumbers who happened to be named Joe? If so, I feel sorry for them.)

In other news, I just found out that Harry S. Truman didn't have a middle name. Sure, he was sworn in as "Harry S. Truman" anyway, but the "S" didn't stand for anything. I feel as though this cheapens everything. You just got demoted, Truman, I'm going to replace you in my personal presidential hall of fame with Chester A. Arthur (the A stands for Alan)!

And now, a new segment on this blog: the Fun Fact of the Week!!! Harry's middle name became S because his parents couldn't decide whether to name him after his paternal grandfather or maternal grandfather, both of whom had names beginning with S. Thus, the lazy parents decided to just leave it at S.

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