Psst... Do Something (About the Vast Government Cover-up of the Aliens Living Among Us or [very far away])

Have you ever gazed up into the vastness of space and wondered is someone else on another distant galaxy is staring up into their own sky and wondering whether you exist? Have you suspected the existence of extra-terrestrials? Government cover-ups? Vast conspiracies involving key player in the highest positions of power, but reaching down into the lives of every man, woman, and child on this planet?

Wondering is for the weak, my friends. You and I must take action! Currently there is enormous pressure on Barack Obama to release the government files - nearly 800 million pages - on aliens and alien sightings. The Extraterrestrial Phenomenon Political Action Committee ( has collected over 40,000 signatures to demand that Obama release the secrets. (read more at

Let the alien who loves to eat cats (i.e. Alf) out of the metaphorical bag! I am fully confident that the aliens are all around us. Granted, it may be possible that the aliens are very, very, very far away... light-years even. Or they may be living in James Carville. Nonetheless, their memory will live with us as long as we don't forget them. REMEMBER THE ALAMO!

As Brave New Films would say in an annoying child voice whisper, "psst... do something." Sign the petition and demand that Obama release the UFO files. I promise that I will read them thoroughly.

Yes, do something. Anything really. Even if it is merely to tie your shoe-laces with licorice, the important part is that something is done.

p.s. I know this blog is not my best effort, but they can't all be winners. Even if you didn't like the post, I hope you still appreciated the pictures.

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