This Thanksgiving, Give Thanks for The Fa-La-Lattes.

I will be leaving shortly to visit my in-laws over Thanksgiving. But before I go, I thought I'd spread around the holiday cheer and what-have-you by announcing the newest installments from The Fa-La-Lattes. Even as I write this, I am more excited than Steve Jobs was when he announced the iPhone. (For those of you who are standing up at your computers, you may want to sit down before you read this. For those of you who are sitting down, stand up.)

On behalf of The Fa-La-Lattes, I would like to announce:
  1. The launch of
  2. The release of our first entirely original Christmas album, entitled "(Your Christmas ⇒Here⇐)"
  3. The release of a collection of public domain Christmas songs, entitled "Christmas On Public Property"
Best of all, you can download both of these albums for free. Just go to and enjoy. And, if you ever get bored, check out all the other entertaining features: pictures, bios, videos, and more!

Have A Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! And Enjoy The Unnecessary Capitalization I Have Employed In These Sentences.

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