This Really Gets My Goat, Rankles Me Up, And Ruffles My Feathers... Also, Dr. Pepper Is Nauseating

You know what I don't get? Joke T-shirts.

I've been on this earth a long, long, long time (some 67 years). In all that time, I don't recall ever hearing something so funny that I thought, "wow, I should get this joke in writing, but on myself."
Similarly, I don't like shirts that try to self-identify the person wearing them in some intentionally ironic fashion. Shirts like: "Wanna-be" "Poser" "Hipster" "Super-star" (or other variations of the star/celebrity theme). These are more annoying than a football fan with a cowbell.
That having been said, I do love me some Tuxedo t-shirt. I also like monkeys wearing business suits... I'm only human after all.
In other news: In celebration of the release of Guns and Roses' "Chinese Democracy" album (which I'm sure will be... great), Dr. Pepper is giving away free Dr. Pepper. Don't believe me, check out the full story: and enjoy what must be the worst kind of soda that has ever been made by humans.

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