Obama Nation and People Who Forecast Meteorological Conditions

Last week Thursday, we got a call from our Landlord letting us know that they would be re-tiling our kitchen. We had four hours notice before we had to clear everything out of the kitchen. The fridge, dishwasher, and stove are now all in our living room. It is somewhat inconvenient. It would be far more inconvenient if I was being honest, but I am trying to be positive, so, it is only somewhat inconvenient. Anyway, because of this, we have had to eat out for several of our meals in the last few weeks.

Last night we were at a restaurant, avoiding the mess in our kitchen. As is my usual habit when we eat out, I partook in some casual eavesdropping (I am always listening because you never know where the terrorists will strike next). Anyway, two middle-aged to elderly couples were discussing Barack Obama. Their conversation is written below, but you need to watch this political ad for context before you read it.

Old man 1: Did you see this new Obama ad?
Old man 2: Which one?
Old man 1: It said that he is friends with a terrorist.
Old man 2: Really?
Old man 1: Yeah, apparently this terrorist works for Obama or something.
Old man 2: Who is the terrorist? Is it Al Qaeda?
Old man 1: Apparently, it was some sort of weather person or new caster or something.
Old man 2: An American.
Old man 1: I think so. He went crazy or something and bombed the white house and killed a bunch of cops.
Old man 2: And this guy works for Obama?!
Old woman 1: I don't think that's true.
Old man 1: It is true. It was on the television. Obama is a terrorist.
Old man 2: So do you like McCain?
Old woman 1: Oh, I just hate that Cindy McCain. She scares me.
Old woman 2: Me too. Did you see her on "the View"? I thought she was weird and too intense.
Old woman 1: Michelle Obama was on "the View" too.
Old man 1: I don't know about McCain.
Old man 2: I don't know... I think I still like Obama.

I laughed. Old people are funny and adorable. That commercial is less funny. The Republicans, in typical Karl Rovian manner, are trying to use fear in order to literally scare up some votes. I really would like to see a campaign run clean and on the issues, but the negative is so much more powerful than the positive in terms of motivation.

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sara without an 'h' said...

I have very much enjoyed your recent barage of politically-themed blogs. Thank you.

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