Palin-sanity or Palin-dromes or Palin-ode or Palin-ternational or Palin-imical And Campaign Commercials And Bears And JFK Addressing the Issues

Watch this video before reading the post.

Great! Now I'm afraid of Russia and bears! Thanks a lot Reagan.

Campaign commercials aren't what they used to be. They used to stick to the issues... like the threat of bears. Just look at how Kennedy used straight talk to address the concerns of his day.

Simple. To the point. He makes clear the stakes of the election. He cuts through the crap and gets to our vital interests, i.e., catchy tunes.

In related news, does anyone else think this novel Republican "feminism" is inadvertently sexist? From what I can tell, everyone who asks Sarah Palin a question is accused of being sexist. Almost none of the questions I have heard are any different than what they would ask a man, and this makes the Republican over-reaction seem extremely sexist itself. If they want to treat her as an equal, any question that is fair game for a man is fair game for a woman. Then, we should evaluate her on her response, as we would anyone else. I guess if you oppose feminism for so long, it won't take hold overnight.

Though I don't want to overload this blog with videos, I thought this was a great example of the current Republican hypocrisy regarding Sarah Palin. As Diane Rehm (of NPR) pointed out, The Daily Show is actually fulfilling the role that the non-fake news media has abdicated.

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Reuben S said...

1-Women should be eligible for the draft...I mean, equal, right?

2-I miss John Stewart and Colbert.

3-I can't vote for any Republicans (or Democrats). I mean wow! Talk about double talk!

That's what I love about my old friend Ron Paul. He doesn't contradict himself too often.