God Is Speaking To Me In My Sleep... or the goat cheese I had for dinner is messing with my subconscious

I had a dream last night that ran like a history channel documentary. So much so that when I awoke, I could not immediately figure out if I had actually seen this or not. Had my brain been more awake, I think I could have figured it out. But, it wasn't so I didn't. Anyway, on to the content.

I dreamt about Fidel Castro's coup in Cuba. He had just taken over the country and had begun appointing his friends to prominent positions of power within the government. The documentary/dream was about one of his less successful appointees: the Director of the Department of Public Relations (I doubt this position ever existed, but dreams aren't necessarily known for their accuracy).

The man Castro had appointed to this position was a charismatic, but odd man who had previously been a struggling actor.

This man's first order of business as Director of the Department of Public Relations was to change the name of the Department to simply, "the improv." He then began doing weekly broadcasts in which he and some of his actor buddies would come on TV and do short informative skits that doubled as situation comedy.

This was wildly successful among the people. So much so that they insisted that he become Fidel's second in command. This was not to Fidel's liking, so Fidel sent him to America on a "foreign relations visit". Fidel then blocked his re-entrance into the country. But the expelled leader went on to found Second City. True story. The End.

Now, I know this dream means something. But I do not know what. Someone please interpret.

Otherwise, it may mean nothing. In which case, it would be an entertaining satire. Perhaps a film along the lines of Zelig (by Woody Allen).

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