My Erotic Chocolate Adventure

A few weeks ago, the church that I'm a member of (which is not the church I am employed at) had a canned food drive. A week later they had a group sort the cans and remove the UPC labels. As we separated all the corn from the creamed corn from the cream of corn soup from the mixed vegetables (corn mixed with carrots), we came across a bottle of erotic body chocolate.

Ingredients: Chocolate, you, and a partner.

Directions: 1) Open jar; 2) spread on evocatively on self; 3) lay on bed; 4) softly tell partner, "Dessert's on me."

Elsewhere on the jar is also said, "Spread on a little or a lot of chocolate, depending on your guest's appetite."


All that sexy talk was enough to give some of the older women the vapors.

I think the funniest part of this is that, at some point, some young person from the youth group went to a strangers door and asked for cans for a can drive. This person agreed and graciously went into the cupboards to grab some cans and decided that maybe someone would enjoy erotic body chocolate.

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Marcus said...

How come when I click the label to show all your Erotic Chocolate posts, this is the only one that shows up? Lame!