So, I am registering for www.facebook.com as we speak. But, I want to explain that I am doing so only because Marcus told me he would buy me a coffee if I did so. At first, it was a confusing process, but that is because I first went to www.myface.com. This was not the right site.

On that note, I also had a dentist appointment today. Now, I hate the dentist as it is, but today was a worse experience than usual. The dentist's assistant kept talking to me. Not that I mind a little friendly banter at the dentist's office, but she did not know how to do so appropriately. There is an unspoken, but very important rule to dentist etiquette which this person was apparently not taught: If you are jamming needles into a person's mouth and scraping their teeth, ask yes or no questions only ("yes" and "no" are basically the same sound at this point, but for "yes", you slide your hmm upwards, and for "no", you slide your hmm downwards). Do not ask questions that are involved and require explanation, e.g., "how did you become interesting in ancient near eastern languages and cultures?" If you are going to talk to me at the dentist's office, leave me out of it. Just talk to me... it is not the place to make friends.

Next on Dan's blog: Dan gets a Chia-pet. (ch-ch-ch-chia) Tune in next time to check out it's progress.

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