The Phrases You Have Come to Fear the Most

There are certain phrases that I have heard almost every school-day for the past three years. I am tired of these phrases.

I have developed a bingo board which I pass to fellow cynical class-mates and we have redirected the annoyance that comes with these phrases into enjoyment. In ethics, this might be called "over-accepting".
  • "I just want to push back against that a little..."
  • Any sentence involving the word "paradigm" (particularly if this paradigm is doing any shifting)
  • "Just to Piggy-back on that comment..."
  • The phrase: "useless head knowledge"
  • "Vision-casting"
  • "Calling" (this is a Dordt College hangover)
  • Incarnational/Transformational (esp. when used in the same sentence)
  • Buzz-word (this word has become self-defining)
These are the phrases I have come to hate the most.


Laurel said...

your phrases are more amusing than mine. while no one here speaks of "calling", "paradigm" does frequent our vocabulary, although usually in a negative (or at least critical) light. words i could handle not hearing/using for the rest of the semester: agency, metanarrative, semiotics, binary, decentering... and as for judith butler, feel free to visit now and then but i don't think we can be b.f.f.

Reuben S. said...

Dan, remember "two dads" in political science?

Laurel said...

i'm curious, does your school teach you to hate the people/theories that my school teaches me to embrace?