Iraq Me, David Petraeus

(to be sung to the tune of "Rock Me, Amadeus" by Falco)

Another phrase to add to my list of phrases I have come to hate: "It's not either/or, but both/and." This is one of those phrases that applies in so many cases that it has simply become useless... maybe we should make a short-hand for this generic phrase, like the word (which I am conceiving of right now), "nestrial". From now on "nestrial" will be short-hand for said phrase.

A response to Reuben's comment: When you did the crime, you voted to crime the vote. If you were gonna vote the crime, you should/ve crimed the vote before you did the vote crime.

A response to Laurel's comment: My school has taught me to take everything with a grain of cynicism. It's not so much that we reject your peoples, but we will make fun of them in an arrogant fashion and "wax eloquent" about "post-modernism" and the "transformational perspective" of people "searching" looking for the "emergent church". And to "piggy-back" on my own comment, what we at seminary believe must happen is a theatrical paradigm shift. By the way, the Bible is our guide to improvisation... ethically speaking.

A life-long goal: I have recently fulfilled a life-long goal of mine. This semester I have an 8:00 class that is so pointless and boring that I have to bribe myself to go each day. The only thing that works is breakfast from a local coffee-shop (Lemonjello's). So, about 4 out of 7 days a week, I go to this coffee shop and order basically the same thing.

Then it happened... last week Monday, I walked in and the woman who usually takes my order simply asked, "the usual?" I said, "yes." And there was rejoicing deep within my soul. Now, every time I walk in, she simply gives me and nod, I give her a nod, and she grabs me a cranberry walnut scone fresh from the oven and makes me a delicious medium vanilla latte. And then I'm happy for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge that I have fulfilled my life-long goal of having a usual at a coffee shop. I feel like I am finally living the dream... and I am. As they say, nestrial.

My thanksgiving plans: I am going to the creation museum. I am very excited about this. I am preparing to believe... and laugh and cry and die a little inside. You can expect at least two more blogs about this.


Marcus said...

i am glad you added that phrase. i hate that phrase.

i can't believe you used colored font on a blog.

take lots of video at said creation museum.

sara without an 'h' said...

have fun at the museum. don't explode.

Mark Hilbelink said...

Dan, our lives are sadly similar. Just this past week, I got invited to go on a roadtrip to a creation museum, as well, by the crazy dinosaur guy in my church. Apparently their organization is called "Revolution Against Evolution" (RAE). Here is the invitation:

Revolution Against Evolution Field Trip the The Answers In Genesis Creation Museum. Leaving Lansing Friday morning, returning late Saturday. You cover your own expenses including group rate into the museum and planetarium.