Molly and Frannie

Yesterday, I went visiting elderly home members from our church. An elder and I were bringing them communion. As usual, it was a great experience. I really enjoy hearing some of the stories they tell.

One woman we went to visit was 99 years old and feisty, yet very sweet. Her name is Frannie, which is a very appropriate name for her. She has a stuffed cat that she thinks is real. The cat's name is Molly.

The woman I was visiting with said that the first time she visited she didn’t realize that Frannie thought the cat was real and she picked up the cat wrong. Frannie began yelling at her for hurting her cat. From then on, she always handled the cat with care.

Molly sits on Frannie’s lap all day and sleeps with her each night. Frannie pets Molly constantly and always gives Molly loving looks and hugs and kisses.

Frannie marvels at how well behaved Molly is. “He doesn’t even mind when I clean his eyes,” she tells us as she rubs his eyes with a nearby cloth. “Molly was really excited this morning because he ate sausage… it’s his favorite.” Frannie tells us about all of Molly’s favorite foods: mostly, Molly sounds quite carnivorous. Molly also enjoys the rain and doesn't like the younger nurses.

The love Frannie has for this stuffed animal was touching. It seemed a little sad at first. The cat is one of her only companions because Frannie has very few surviving family members; she has outlived her husband and most of her children. But, Frannie’s love for Molly was real and beautiful.

I don’t really know what else to say about it, but it was great to meet and visit with Frannie, as well as to share communion with her.

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