Signs and Such

Apparently, people were trying to dive in this field of dry grass... there is no body of water within 10 km of this sign.

It's kinda a restaurnt... it's also kinda a hair salon... it would also kinda fit in perfectly in northern Michigan. I'm not sure if restaurnt is the correct spelling... again, this would fit perfectly in northern Michigan.

What is the difference between a trumpet player and a chain saw?
Vibrato. (This bad joke was brought to you by a website of some sort)

I suppose eating habits are a good basis for a relationship. This is obviously the road to a successful relationship. My prediction is that the couple will split when she finds out that he doesn't consider fish a meat.

Maybe Vegetarian means something different in Israel. But, typically chicken (shnitzel) and beef are not vegetarian dining category... (and yes, I asked and they do not use meat substitutes.)

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Mark Hilbelink said...

Oh Duane's, how I miss your hair soup.