I asked Jeeves and he told me that there are 189, 191, 192, 193, or 194 independent countries in the world today.

So far, I have been to five of them (Czech Republic, Kenya, America [boo!], Canada, and Mexico)... If you include airports - which I don't really, but will now - I have also been to the Netherlands, Germany, and Detroit (not an actual country). Plus, I have seen Poland from a distance.

In order to make myself feel more smarter, I will inflate my numbers and say that I have been to 8 countries - which is just over 4.2% of all countries in the world.

(here is the exciting news portion of the blog)

This summer I will spend six-weeks in Israel learning Hebrew! This will boost my boast-ability by one country! And will put my percentage of countries visited to nearly 5%.

In other news.

I am looking forward to going to see Ethan and Laurel this weekend. I haven't been to a play in a long time and I hear this one is about Eskimos, which is fitting considering this climate change... how do you explain that Al Gore?!? You popular vote-winning, hybrid-driving, iMac using, academy award nominated, greasy hair, journey singing, internet creating, awesome-face loser with an IQ of 133 or 134!!! ("Don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling!")

In other news.

I can't stand it when people change fonts and the text color midway through any post. Believe me people, it won't make your post any more exciting. All it does is annoy people like me who get easily annoyed anyway but are trying to work on their non-violent communication skills (NVC) as taught by Marshall Rosenberg! You people make me apoplectic (word of the day-time-post) want to communicate violently.

For those of you who are familiar with NVC, let me break this down one time (one time!) in correct NVC language:

Observation (free of evaluations or judgment) : some people change the fonts and text colors of their blog often and within a single post.

Feeling: I feel annoyed, aggravated, irritated, incensed, indignant, disgusted, mortified, mystified, irritable, wretched, despondent, forlorn, and so forth when people engage in the behavior described above.

Needs: When people engage in this behavior, my needs for inspiration, order, ease, clarity, stimulation, and so forth go unmet.

Requests: Unnamed people (you know who you are... but I have changed your names for confidentiality's sake), please refrain from engaging in said activity.

Thank You!


Reehb said...

Yeah, about that last post. That's just disturbing. I should tell you that I tried to convince my 17 year old, right-wing younger brother that the 9-11 attacks were a government conspiracy. It didn't work. It's strange but I actually think that the ol' boys up on the hill blew up the buildings. Someone's making money on this 'war' and it's not me or you or anyone else in the world...except of course for that collective someone. Too long, sorry.

sara without an 'h' said...

hey, when you're in Israel, be sure to go to the West Bank! it's good to see what's happening on both sides of the wall.