Two HUGE Announcements and one short observation

Howdy sports racers!

First of all, an observation: Have you ever noticed how nearly every shampoo/soap commercial ever made has some shot of a woman getting splashed in the face in slow motion? I'm not talking about the slow motion shower scenes where the naughty bits are artfully covered up. Nor am I talking about women splashing themselves (like men do in shaving cream commercials). I am talking about some bucket of water being thrown from off camera at a woman's face. This is strange. In my experience women don't like being splashed in the face, whether it is at fast/slow or normal speed. Anyway... next time you see a commercial, take notice.

Now, the two HUGE announcements:

The first is my New Years' resolution: Throughout 2011 I will be writing and recording one song per week and posting them to the website for the enjoyment of my readers/listeners. Head on over and check out the first few weeks.

Second, I am excited to announce a new album by The Anachronists (my band): The Ascent of Dance!

Buy at iTunes: Buy at Amazon:

Also, stay tuned for my next blog when I tell the story of the day I became a man. (Don't worry, it is G-rated)


anniekatherine said...

neither of those links worked for me. le sigh.

Reuben S said...


kakon said...

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Rohan said...

Awesome! I'm really digging the music you made, intellectually speaking.

I'll listen to it more once my net gets fixed up!

JT Fresh said...

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