Wha's Happenin'?

Oh yeah, I have a blog. I forgot. (lie)

I think that the Olympic logo for Madrid is giving me the finger. (true)

I plan to start making my way through the Encyclopedia Britannica only to give up in the early to mid 'a's. (true)

Much has been happening here. (lie)

I am about to put out my first dance album ever. (true)

I went to my first heirloom tomato festival. (true)

The heirloom tomato festival was great. (false) (though the company was good... as was the fairly extensive discussion of vasectomies)

There is a pole dancing doll that is marketed to young girls, and this disturbs me. (true)

I am unsure whether this web log is worth posting. (true)


Reuben S said...

Hey brother. I check it. I'll buy a copy of your new CD too.

Laurel said...

well, you'll have to post again soon to make up for this. and you're right about the Madrid logo... that's pretty weak.