Open Source Initiative = Socialist = The Great Satan

"I dressed in black the day following the election of Barack Obama as I viewed this as another nail in the coffin of American Democracy and Capitalism as we slowly slide towards European Socialism."

So, this isn't a direct quote, but I have heard and read this and similar sentiments several times since the election and it always amuses me. I guess I'm particularly amused first by the idea that Obama is a socialist - which is assuredly not the case - and second by the idea of Socialism as the great Satan (and capitalism as the Great Jesus).

I won't comment too much on this, except to say that I am eagerly awaiting the day when we will actually begin to join our European neighbors in civility. The free market is tenacious in its tendency to erode morality and culture to make way for the steady march of commercialism and consumerism. It is very clear that the market discourages self-regulation, opting instead to maximize profits for its shareholders (its only sworn duty), propagandize products and keep its evil and abuses out of the public consciousness.

The effectiveness of this approach is evidenced by the ignorance or apathy of the majority of Americans at the role they play in this. Mindless consumerism has made us all complicit in serious humanitarian abuse and slavery. Walmart (and a huge host of other stores for which Walmart is archetypal) couldn't exist in this irresponsible way without laissez-faire.

The other humorous part of that kind of statement has to do with the great deal of essentially socialists programs that are successful, and that most people wouldn't argue with: police, libraries, roads, and a whole host of other great government programs.

Another irony is that socialism is a logical extension of democracy and certainly not incompatible.

Of course, all of this is irrelevant as we all know that Plutocracy is God's recorded political stance (Num. 6:11). That was a good deal longer than I had intended it.Fun quiz of the week. Which prominent "Christian" leader (who I once put into my list of the anti-Christ Trinity) once said this:
Feminism is a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.
Was it:
a) James Dobson
b) Jerry Falwell
c) Pat Robertson
d) Rick Warren



Marcus said...

i have to go with c. come on....... no whammies no whammies no whammies

ethan said...

wow. someone actually said that... and was heard... and it was put in writing... and that person is still alive??

someone who had never read a word of the script of Urinetown, or seen a performance of it for that matter, said that it is "wrong for Christians to critique capitalism" and therefore wrong for Dordt to do this play. yep.

Laurel said...

i wrote that, not ethan.

ethan said...

but i'm taking all the credit!!!