Sup? Nothin' much... Cool. And there goes my leg room. In other news: It turns out that Grand Rapids is not Manhattan.

What is with people who don't understand personal space? Yesterday, I was sitting at the library looking for a job and a guy came up and sat on the floor right by me with a car magazine and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. The personal space was one thing, the library was relatively empty so there was plenty of space for us all to sit without anyone invading anyone else's personal bubble, but the chips were far worse. The guy had one of those chews that emphasized the sound of saliva breaking down the food. I thought about offering to chew it up for him so that he wouldn't have to exert such effort producing such a vast amount of saliva.

Then I was at a coffee shop today and a guy decided to sit at my table. Again, I looked around and noticed several empty tables, but this guy decided that I looked inviting or something, so he plopped down across. I looked up, surprised. He said, "'sup?" I said, "not much." He said, "cool." and we both went back to work, but with less leg room.

Perhaps this is just happening because I am in a larger city now. But, let's not kid ourselves, Grand Rapids, you are not Manhattan. I can understand the invasion of personal space a bit more when there more than 1.5 million people living on a relatively small island. Why does Grand Rapids think it is bigger than it actually is? I think it should change its motto to "Grand Rapids: we think we're important, but actually are not."

Granted, that is not the most catchy motto, but then again, neither is "Alaska: North to the Future" but that's actually their motto. Honestly, "North to the Future"?!? That is the lamest thing I've ever heard. Maybe we should let Todd Palin secede from the lower forty-eight.

In non-related news, the Rufus Wainwright show was incredible. I feel in love all over again. It was just him and his piano in a very intimate venue. Here is a picture of him. He is sooo dreamy. And even better in person.

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Reuben S said...

I hate it when people invade my personal space.