How To Teach Ethics To Mind It's Own Freakin' Business and Get Up Outta Your Grill... Word

I know several guys here at seminary seem to use the language of war inappropriately.

Yesterday I had lunch with one of these guys and he was “attacking” everything. “I am in this small Bible study and it’s awesome. We are studying Luke and we’re just attacking it from every angle.” Or “I just ripped this book apart.” Or my favorite, “I just want to get a strategy in place and figure out the best way to attack ethics.”

What is this? Why do you want to attack ethics? The language of “attacking ethics” conjures up images of taking ethics and beating it into submission.

Yeah! I just kicked ethics in the junk and stole it’s wallet! That’ll teach ethics to mess with me.

p.s. Dan would like to thank Comic Life. Thank you, Comic Life.


sara without an 'h' said...

That was awesome. We do use too much bloody war language.

Marcus said...

dude, you totally made comic life your bee-atch! WHAT UP COMIC LIFE!