Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Dan

Yet another no-so-witty exploitation of the meanings and ambiguities of words to add to the arsenal of Christian Combat Evangelism (CCE).

Like many of CCE wordplays, this bumper sticker has inspired me to begin production of Christian “Son-screen”.

It is 100 proof and even has a reflective layer built in so that the wearer seems to be radiating light. “Hey mom, is that person filled with the Spirit?” No, it’s just Dan’s 100% effective ‘Son-screen’.

Made from the "elements" left over from Holy Communion. Blessed by Bill Hybels himself!

Let Jesus protect your skin, not just your heart. (Also contains zinc oxide and octyl methoxycinnamate.)

So, What Would Jesus Do? He would buy Hybels's brand 100% effective “Son-screen” today! (patent pending)


Reehb said...

Wouldn't non-christians want to wear son screen, being as it would screen out the son?

I forgot about your blog. I love you.

Reehb said...

Now that I've found you again. I have a question about that contradiction in scripture post. I really liked it, but how do you resolve the contradictions when confronted with the problem? Could you go more in depth, for my sake? You should make a "why I should believe the bible" post or a "why Christianity is right" post. I'd like that.