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After a good 30 hours of traveling and layovers and a trip through customs, I have arrived safely back home. One of the highlights of the traveling experience for me was drinking a six-pack of warm Kenyan beer at 6:30 AM in the Amsterdam airport security checkpoint. But – being Dutch grad students – we weren’t about to let them confiscate semi-good beer.

My trip to Kenya was wonderful… though no less disturbing and devastating for being wonderful. We unfortunately saw no lions, even though we went for safari on the last day in Kenya. I did high-five a monkey (or he may have just been hitting me… I don’t know). And we did see giraffes, zebras, gazelles, impalas, monkeys, baboons, Californian jack-asses, water buffalo (one almost killed us!), rhinos, crazy freakin’ lizards, flamingos and more.
The more disturbing parts of the trip included our extensive visit to Kibera (the worlds largest slum). I will probably write more about this when I am feeling like depressing people more… and once I figure out how to better describe it. We also went to several HIV/AIDS clinics and learned a lot about that.

Among the more purely educational parts of our visit: we learned a lot about Islam, a lot about ATR (African Traditional Religions), a lot about tea, and a lot about gender issues in Africa and Kenya in specific.

I am sure I will write more about this experience at some point. But those posts will likely be the long posts that people glance at and decide to read later but don’t get around to reading because who the hell wants to read a long post on a blog when the episode of “Sex & the City” where Charlotte dresses like a dude and Carrie kisses Alanis Morissette is on… Mmm… that sentence was deliciously incorrect.

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