What ever happened to the "War on Christmas"? With Christmas now over, I have to wonder, did we win? Were there any casualties? Who was actually fighting this war anyway? What was the nature of the war? Was this a just war? Can I still fight in the war on Christmas - or on its behalf - if I am a pacifist?

I have heard that all the (maybe 3) stores that stopped saying “Merry Christmas” last year – in favor of “happy holidays” – returned to saying "Merry Christmas" again this year. It turns out, more people are offended when told “Happy Holidays” than people are offended when told “Merry Christmas.” This has got me wondering, who would get offended by someone wishing them a happy holiday. It's like getting offended because someone didn't say "God bless you" after you sneezed.

I never really understood the whole supposed war on Christmas in the first place. Does the Christian faith really stand or fall on whether or not we can put a nativity scene on public property? Whenever I hear any of these debates, I just have to wonder what exactly Christianity means to these people. What is their faith all about?

On a lighter note, here is a recent daily show clip I found funny. Enjoy!

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Sara said...

I always find it funny that Christians get all in a huff over the rituals of Christmas not being respected, when the whole holiday began as a pagan solstice festival...