The Big Bang Theory: God spoke and BANG! it happened.

Here is a picture of the Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis. Answers in Genesis is an organization that was founded to defend young earth creationism against the theory of evolution and the big bang. The way I see it… this project was doomed from the start. My reason for saying so… well, can you honestly look at this guy and not think: “Oh my gosh, it’s the missing link!” Seriously, Ken Ham looks like a monkey.

Onwards and Upwards.

Good News! The Creation Museum is set to open in 2007. This is the so-called museum the Answers in Genesis (AIG) folks are opening to help to combat the hoards of secular humanist museums across the country. Now, so far I have only taken the online walkthrough tour, but I think I am justified with this exclamation: SUCCESS! AIG has finally disposed the long held scientific minority that has plagued our land for so long with their science and research. Of course, only 1/3 of scientists and around 1/10 of Americans are atheists, so I hardly think they are controlling our country with their secular propaganda (and frankly, I am more concerned about the terrible things people are doing in the name of Christ… as that not only hurts millions, but tarnishes the name of Christ in the process). But, don’t let me ruin all the fun… take the tour yourself at:

So far, my only major problem with the museum is that they didn’t include the display on the pre-existence of glue (glue was invented by the Sumerians in the 6th century BCE… a couple centuries before God created the heavens and the earth).

In Other News.

Kent Hovind – a popular creation scientist who I once idolized – was recently convicted of 58 counts of tax-fraud and could serve up to two hundred years in prison, unless Christ returns first. Let’s just hope that Mr. Hovind (a former high school science teacher) exists under pre-flood conditions in which people live to be hundreds of years old anyway.

Ok, I know I am being cruel towards young-earth creationist and I should probably show more compassion, as I once was one. But, my main problem with them is not their bad science. They are not respected in any serious scientific community anyway… though apparently more than ½ of Americans belief in a young earth. My main problem is their horrendous abuse of the Bible, especially Genesis. They emphasize the “historic facts” of Genesis 1-11 so much that any truth that the passages contain is buried under a pile of useless pseudo-knowledge.

The truth of a text is always deeper than the fact of the text. And, even more than this, the truth does not depend on the facts. War and Peace is no less true for being fiction. Facts are static and unchanging and do not engage us. But the truth’s of Scripture are living and will encounter us wherever we are. This is what the Jewish Rabbis were talking about when they spoke of the texts as gems that we turn and they are inexhaustibly resilient. Treating the Bible as a history textbook when the author did not intend to write a history textbook is not a faithful way to engage what God has given us. (If you are wondering how I can claim that Genesis is not intended as history… let me just say that there are several ways, but it would take much longer than this blog to expand upon that.)

So, in closing, let me just reiterate the fact that Ken Ham is the missing link.


Hibbles said...

Hey Dan~

You think that's bad? Check out this website. This guy goes to my church:


Jesse said...

Totally agree. Ken Ham and his creation museum make me sad. They not only promote an unwarranted interpretation of Genesis 1-11 but also send a message to unbelievers that if you want to believe in evolution, then you can't believe in God. What a joke.

Dan said...


I think that guy at your church is actually worse than the Answers in Genesis fellas... and what's with the presentation on aliens? Is that really necessary? Nonetheless, I must give the digging up dragons guys kudos on a well designed web-page... cough cough.

Sara said...

ken ham does indeed look like a monkey.

good post.

ann renee. said...

Whoa. I was reading some of your other blogs and I came to a startling revelation: You know more greek than I do. This world is full of surprises. Speaking of surprises, getting a post from you was a are you doing?

Reehb said...

Hey Dan. I was hoping to find some piece or you on this here int-er-net. I'll be linking you up now.

Laurel said...

1/2 of americans believe in a young earth because america is a young country.

"do you know there are other countries?" a british transvestite once asked his american audience.

Laurel said...

and that photo of Ken Ham freaked me out when I was a wee child. I think you've found out just why....