My first blogosophy

First things first, I hate when people's first blog post is just an explanation of their philosophy of blogging. It strikes me as the peak of pretension. Yet, I feel it is a necessary evil in taking on my own blog spot to let all my (soon-to-be) loyal readers know what they are getting into. But how to do this without becoming what I hate?

My simple solution was to create the word: blogosophy.

Etymology: Blog from Modern English + Sophia from Greek.

1. A philosophy of blogging.
2. A wise saying passed down from person to person by way of the Internet.
3. A artistic rendering of Woody Allen.

So, all this builds up to my personal blogosophy.

The primary blogosophy I will take is the meaningless, yet time consuming rant. There is a lot that I have to rant about... like when I can't find the droids I'm looking for.

The secondary blogosophy I will take is the semi-meaningful, solve-all-the-world's problems post. In these post, I will examine a problem... then I will over-simplify said problem and offer my solution.

The thirdary blogosophy I will take is the post of teenage angst. In these posts I will use phrases like "Nuff said" and "Don't go there girlfriend."

The fourthary and final blogosophy I will take is the more serious post.

Now that you know my blogosophy, I hope you will journey with me as we journey towards the destination to which we are all journeying. Shalom!


Hibbles said...

Hey Dan~

You're gay. Just kidding. Not really. Don't hate on people who use their first post to explain their blogging philosophy. I did that, but I mostly just used it to make fun of people I don't like.

Marcus has a girlfriend: the apocolypse is upon us.


Sam said...

that was a boring post. Put some pictures on there...

Reid said...

I wonder what Tazelaar or Henderson's blogosophies would be?

sara without an 'h' said...

i get the feeling that reading your blog is going to be very entertaining. are you going to label each post as one of the four blogosophies, or is that our assignment as your faithful readers?